The Simpson’s digital dystopia #edcmooc

ImagenIs well known that Simpsons show has addapted lots of flims into hilarious cartoon stories. Let’s go to digital dystopia case: We are in season 6, chapter “Treehouse of Horror V” where Homer accidentally goes back to dinosaur’s past and then, he kills a mosquito, When he’s back, Need Flanders is the leader of a 1984-style future. In this chapter we can see how technology can be use to surveil humans and get them controlled.

(I couldn¨’t find the video on youtube)

This can be considered to reflect about how technology can influence our future. Is technology leading us to a world where we are perfectly controlled? Last weeks informations about massive spying on Europe should warn us about that risk. Is this fact impossible to avoid in digital future?


Una respuesta a “The Simpson’s digital dystopia #edcmooc

  1. I think it all comes back to technological determinism – just because something can be done, it doesn’t follow that it should be done – but most of the time it will be done anyway.


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